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Traffic Study Software

Traffic Count Data Management and Traffic Study Analysis Tools

Import from Any Traffic Counter

Save time by having all your counts and studies available instantly from one software.

Calculate Warrants:

Automatically calculate traffic signal warrants & all-way-stop warrants.

Multiple Reporting & Mapping Options:

View traffic study results right on the GIS map, and generate reports with a single click.

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The Traffic Study Module provides a solution to import, analyze, and report on any traffic count data. It also allows users to quickly and easily conduct different studies such as speed and vehicle classification studies

Other features in TES' Traffic Study Module include:

Next Steps:

gis map

GIS Map:

View traffic study data right on the GIS map for your entire jurisdiction or a specific location or area.

View Any Traffic Count Details:

Instantly see all counts done at a location, and view any details with a mouse click.

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Summary Reports

Screen the entire road network utilizing every count to see where signals or all-way-stops are warranted.

sharing with team pic

Share with the Team:

All data can be in one central database so anybody on your team can access the most up-to-date data and reports.

Instantly Access Any ATR Counts & TMCs

Import groups or individual counts and have them all available instantly on the map, for reports, and warrant calculations.

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Multiple Study Types

Manage & report on all your different study types like speed studies, and vehicle classification studies.

export options

Export your Data:

Export any collision data to popular formats like Excel and PDF.