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TES Traffic Engineering Software

Your Complete Traffic Analysis Software & Traffic Data Management Software.

Select the modules you want. Then:
  • -Conduct traffic data analysis right from the GIS map

  • -Have the data & reports you want available to you in seconds 

  • -Have access to state-of-the-art analytical tools to improve the safety and efficiency of your roads





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The only all-in-one traffic engineering software.
No more searching through different applications, folders, and file cabinets to find the data & reports you need. All your data is available in seconds from one software letting you spend all your time improving your roads' safety and efficiency instead of looking for information.

Choose the TES module(s) you want:
(Modules can be purchased individually or as a group)

Next Steps:

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Collision Module

The Collision Module provides a solution to capture, verify, and analyze motor vehicle collision data.
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Sign Inventory Module

Effectively manage all signs and their supports within the road network & ensure retroreflectivity standards compliance.
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GIS Module

Utilize GIS technology to locate, capture, analyze, and manage your traffic & asset data through the map.
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Maintenance Module

Manage all maintenance tasks and documents from one software for all your assets (roads, sidewalks, signs, etc.)
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Traffic Study Module

This module provides a
solution to import, analyze,
and report on any traffic
count data.
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Safety Module

Quickly determine the most
high risk intersections and
road segments in the entire
road network.
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Signals Module

Manage and analyze all your signals from a single software.
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Infrastructure Module

View, modify and create an inventory of your entire road network. All traffic engineering data is integrated with the infrastructure module.
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