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Road & Asset Maintenance Software

Save Time:

Manage all assets easily using a single software (roads, sidewalks, barriers, etc.)

GIS Integration:

Instantly locate your assets right on a GIS map.

Document & Maintenance Management:

Access any asset's documents instantly (pictures, reports, etc.) or any details on the maintenance that was done to that asset.

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Features of TES' Road & Asset Maintenance Software Include:

gis map

GIS Map:

View the location of your assets right on the GIS map.

View Any Asset Details:

Any information on an asset can be store along with any related documents like work orders, pictures, or reports.

export options

Export your Data:

Export any collision data to popular formats like Excel and PDF.


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Apply any Filters:

Find the data you need in seconds by applying filters based on collected criteria.

import sign data

Import Your Existing Asset Data:

TES makes all your historical and existing asset & maintenance data available instantly. Data can be imported from your existing database.

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Share with the Team:

All data can be in one central database so anybody on your team can access the most up-to-date data and reports.