GIS Module


This module utilizes GIS technology to aid users in locating, capturing, analyzing, and managing
their traffic engineering data through the map.

Integrate All Data:

Utilize all TES modules directly from the GIS map.

Save Time:

Find any locations and their associated data through TES’ map search tool.

Cost Effective:

No GIS licenses, or 3rd party applications are required.





Complete Integration


TES modules can be easily applied to locations

once selected on the map.


A single click on the location allows users to view

all associated data on that location such as:


•Infrastructure Data
•Classification Studies
•Speed Studies
•Traffic Counts

Visually Detect Areas of Interest


The GIS module allows users to spatially display all traffic
engineering data on a GIS map.


Traffic engineering data can be filtered and displayed on the
GIS map according to selected criteria.


For Example:


•Areas with specific collision types such as collisions
resulting from speeding, impaired driving, etc.


•Locations fitting specific traffic volume criteria


•Locations with the selected speed limit, average speed, 85th percentile, etc.


•Locations that went through safety analysis and improvement initiatives

Cost Effective


To obtain the full functionality of TES’ GIS Module:


•No GIS license is required


•No 3rd party GIS software is required